I’m Messing Around With an HTML5 Version of the Default WordPress Theme

WordCamp Boston is less than a week away, and as part of my presentation I wanted to show the new elements in an environment that basically everyone that works on WordPress sites will recognize- the default theme. To that end, I mocked up a functioning HTML5ized version of the home page to use as an example. That was both easy and fun.

I then went with the business of crafting my presentation. Since I’d spent a good amount of time working through that in my head, I finished that up a little earlier than I’d planned.

Yay me.

Beyond being a big relief, that allowed me to get back to messing with Kubrick. I’ve started to port the entire theme over to HTML5. It’s an interesting exercise, especially when you start to look at the outline. Certain pages just don’t make sense with a straight port from the original theme. Which is the really interesting part of the whole thing, for me. Getting a good, intuitive handle on how the outline algorithm works, especially when porting over old content and not starting from scratch, will serve me well in the future.

If you want to mess around with it, feel free to grab the files.

I’ll be playing with it myself intermittently over the next few days, just to keep my head in the HTML5 + WordPress game in advance of my presentation. Fun times.

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