Consulting and Training Services

Palatino Consulting.

Palatino Consulting is a small, Boston-based firm specializing in modern, accessible, widely compatible front-end web development.

At firms both large (10,000+ employees) and small (3) I’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the world on a wide range of projects as a front end engineer, architect and team lead. I’ve worked on humble one page sites, single page financial services applications, multi-million dollar content management system implementations and everything in between. Along the way I’d like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about a thing or two.

I’m now working independently, hoping to provide the same high level of expertise and knowledge directly to a small number of clients.

So how can I help you? Here are some of the many ways I can help:

Front End Architecture

I’ve done more of this than most people. Working in the environments I’ve worked in I’ve been challenged to come up with novel front end solutions to work with many different systemsand to solve a number of different problems. I have my preferences, of course, but they’re never unchallenged since clients and peers also have their preferences. That means, I’m constantly evaluating and defending my choices. After all that back and forth I’m left with a selection of tested solutions that are worth far more in the real world than a greatest hits collection of the trendiest front end tools.

Sometimes you really do need to reinvent the wheel. Other times it’s best to leave well enough alone. I can help you tell the difference.

I can help with anything from a gut-check on your choices to the development or a buttoned up build kit ready to use as the foundation for your own development.


I offer HTML, CSS and JavaScript training for a beginner/intermediate level front end audience. Based on my book (and including copies, if you wish), Beginning HTML and CSS, this training will give you a solid foundation in the building blocks of front end web development. I can tailor this by topic and by time-frame based on your needs.

Front end development and technology consulting

I’ve built a lot of web sites and applications. I can build your site or application. I’m particularly interested in helping out with the following kinds of problems:

  • “JavaScript” as a topic. Whatever you’re doing I can help you do it better.
  • Angular application development
  • RWD (Responsive web design) development
  • Mobile web sites and applications
  • Web performance consulting
  • Pixel perfect CSS layouts
Process and standards development
If you have a need for a more rigorous approach to front end development, I can help you build out standards and processes that will get you up and running with a front end development process that makes sense for your stack and organization.

If any of the above sounds like something you’d need, feel free to reach out and we can start the discussion.