HTML5 Boilerplate v9.0.0 Released

That took a while! This release features a ton of changes. We removed Modernizr, Normalize.css, Babel, Internat Explorer support, Google Analytics and the server configs. We also swapped out Parcel for Webpack.

Here’s the full Changelog:

  • Removing tile images #3023
  • Add Prettier #3011
  • Remove Modernizr #3002
  • Drop Normalize.css #2960
  • Create WebPack build to ship with the project #2650
  • Sets package to private by default #2888
  • Removes Babel and upgrades our gulpfile to use ES Modules #2831
  • Farewell Internet Explorer! #2773
  • Remove apache-server-configs/.htaccess #2779
  • Moving docs out of src and dist #2655
  • Replace Parcel with Webpack #2641
  • Add SVG Favicon #2554
  • Remove Google Analytics #2547
  • Rename master branch to main #2583
  • Remove humans.txt #2584
  • Add a template repository #2391
  • Remove plugins js #2346
  • Rename CSS file #2342 and JS file #2341

Will HTML5 Boilperplate Remove Normalize.css?

I know what you’re thinking… Am I back to writing? Coding open source software? Hopefully. I’m about to drop H%BP 9.0.0, so there’s that at least.

Anyway, we’re talking about removing normalize.css from the project in this issue:

Drop Normalize.css · Issue #2939 · h5bp/html5-boilerplate

I am leaning towards removing it with no replacement, but I could be convinced to include a different reset if one is more actively maintained and geared toward the modern browser landscape. If you have thoughts, please share them on the issue.

I’m Currently Looking For Work and Looking for Open Source Sponsors

It’s been such a short time at my new job I never posted about it here. That didn’t stop me from being laid off ????

So, if you’re looking for a Front-End Architect or Director of Engineering, please let me know.

Anyway, in the tradition of making lemonade from lemons, I finally set up a GitHub sponsors page. If you’d like to support my open source work, that’s where it happens.

main.css v3.0.0 released

main.css version 3.0.0 was just released. It’s actually a small release, but it carries a breaking change so we’ve bumped a major version. Here’s the glorious changelog:

  • Rename sr-only class to visually-hidden (#109)
  • Remove print thead rule (#101)
  • Remove Vendor-prefixed ::selection (#93)
  • Lots of dev dependency and npm publishing updates

There’s more to come as we slowly but surely make our way towards HTML5 Boilerplate v9.0.0