Transformation Stories #4 A New Podcast Interview With Me (Rob Larsen)

Check out yours truly on an episode of Atlas Systems’ Transformation Stories.

A hands-on leader and change-maker with 20 years of experience, Rob Larsen remains at the forefront of software-led innovation – in financial services and the larger enterprise world. In this all-new conversation with Atlas Systems, Larsen offers insights into finding the right pace for transformation, keeping stakeholders on board without promising too much, and rethinking his own personal approaches to getting things done and interacting with the world.

Tune in for this great conversation with an industry-leading author, tech champion, and all-around thought leader!

In it I talk about the web in 2005, in 2011 and share general thoughts on digital transformations of all types.

If you run a web/tech podcast and want to talk to me- let me know. I really enjoy the process and love talking about this stuff, still.

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