Upgrading jQuery: Working Towards a Healthy Web

Upgrading jQuery: Working Towards a Healthy Web | Official jQuery Blog Working in the environments I do, I can tell you there are some scary situations out there with regards to jQuery. I remember John Resig, more than a decade ago, talking about wanting multiple different versions of jQuery to be able to work on […]

I Didn’t Realize How Much I Rely on GitHub Codespaces Until This week

How much do I rely on GitHub Codespaces for open source development? Super double-plus much. I can illustrate exactly how much with one short anecdote. Gulp 5 was recently released and I created several PRs across repos in the H5BP organization to update Gulp across the board. I missed one issue with the encoding of […]

I’m Currently Looking For Work and Looking for Open Source Sponsors

It’s been such a short time at my new job I never posted about it here. That didn’t stop me from being laid off ???? So, if you’re looking for a Front-End Architect or Director of Engineering, please let me know. Anyway, in the tradition of making lemonade from lemons, I finally set up a […]

HTML5 Boilerplate 8.0.0 Released

It took a little longer than I expected, but we released HTML5 Boilerplate 8.0.0 yesterday. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, it’s the 10th anniversary release, and if I do say so myself, it’s a pretty good way to celebrate 10 years of the project. It was a lot of work getting this one […]