HTML5 Boilerplate v9.0.0 Released

That took a while! This release features a ton of changes. We removed Modernizr, Normalize.css, Babel, Internat Explorer support, Google Analytics and the server configs. We also swapped out Parcel for Webpack.

Here’s the full Changelog:

  • Removing tile images #3023
  • Add Prettier #3011
  • Remove Modernizr #3002
  • Drop Normalize.css #2960
  • Create WebPack build to ship with the project #2650
  • Sets package to private by default #2888
  • Removes Babel and upgrades our gulpfile to use ES Modules #2831
  • Farewell Internet Explorer! #2773
  • Remove apache-server-configs/.htaccess #2779
  • Moving docs out of src and dist #2655
  • Replace Parcel with Webpack #2641
  • Add SVG Favicon #2554
  • Remove Google Analytics #2547
  • Rename master branch to main #2583
  • Remove humans.txt #2584
  • Add a template repository #2391
  • Remove plugins js #2346
  • Rename CSS file #2342 and JS file #2341

Want to Contribute to a 57,000+ Star GitHub Repo? You Can Help Translate Front End Developer Interview Questions

Are you interested in getting some open source experience? Maybe it’s a goal for you at your job this year or maybe you just want to give back to the community. Whatever your reason, the Front End Developer Interview Questions repo is looking for help updating the translation of the interview questions into 33 different languages.

I’ve created 33 separate issues for each of our supported languages. Some of those languages are extremely out of date. Others have been updated regularly. Whatever the state, I’d like to get them all in sync with the current list of questions and then figure out a method for keeping them updated going forward.

If you’re a native speaker or are fluent in any of the languages we support please consider helping out. The only technical skills you need are markdown editing, although you will need to be aware of technical terms in order to properly translate the text.

Thanks in advance.

I Have to Migrate Seven Domains to WP Engine in 9 Days

My long-time (23 years!) host is shutting down suddenly and forcing me to do something I’ve wanted to do for many years now and really never had the time- move from my old-school host to modern WordPress hosting… I’m actually excited by it since it’s going to give me some new tools to simplify the management of all of these sites and might get me to do a redesign of one or more of these sites, which would be fun.

That said… 9 days! So far it seems like it’s going to be possible. WP Engine offers a nice migration tool and once that’s run, for four or five of the sites, it’s just a matter of switching over DNS. Some of the sites are a bit more complicated but I think even those sites will be okay. It’s not like it matters! They’re pulling the plug on the 14th either way.

I’ll update here as I go through the process.

I actually have some book news to share, soon, as well. Maybe that post will be on the new host…

Will HTML5 Boilperplate Remove Normalize.css?

I know what you’re thinking… Am I back to writing? Coding open source software? Hopefully. I’m about to drop H%BP 9.0.0, so there’s that at least.

Anyway, we’re talking about removing normalize.css from the project in this issue:

Drop Normalize.css · Issue #2939 · h5bp/html5-boilerplate

I am leaning towards removing it with no replacement, but I could be convinced to include a different reset if one is more actively maintained and geared toward the modern browser landscape. If you have thoughts, please share them on the issue.