HTML5 Boilerplate 9.0.1 Released

See it on GitHub! View it on npm! This release was kicked off because of Gulp 5. Gulp 5 has breaking changes so we had to work through the upgrade manually. In the process of doing that upgrade we discovered a couple of bugs. Christian Oliff noticed that tests were failing on Windows I noticed […]

I Didn’t Realize How Much I Rely on GitHub Codespaces Until This week

How much do I rely on GitHub Codespaces for open source development? Super double-plus much. I can illustrate exactly how much with one short anecdote. Gulp 5 was recently released and I created several PRs across repos in the H5BP organization to update Gulp across the board. I missed one issue with the encoding of […]

HTML5 Boilerplate v9.0.0 Released

That took a while! This release features a ton of changes. We removed Modernizr, Normalize.css, Babel, Internat Explorer support, Google Analytics and the server configs. We also swapped out Parcel for Webpack. Here’s the full Changelog: Removing tile images #3023 Add Prettier #3011 Remove Modernizr #3002 Drop Normalize.css #2960 Create WebPack build to ship with […]

Want to Contribute to a 57,000+ Star GitHub Repo? You Can Help Translate Front End Developer Interview Questions

Are you interested in getting some open source experience? Maybe it’s a goal for you at your job this year or maybe you just want to give back to the community. Whatever your reason, the Front End Developer Interview Questions repo is looking for help updating the translation of the interview questions into 33 different […]

Will HTML5 Boilperplate Remove Normalize.css?

I know what you’re thinking… Am I back to writing? Coding open source software? Hopefully. I’m about to drop H%BP 9.0.0, so there’s that at least. Anyway, we’re talking about removing normalize.css from the project in this issue: Drop Normalize.css · Issue #2939 · h5bp/html5-boilerplate I am leaning towards removing it with no replacement, but […]