Configuration of the HTML5-Boilerplate Git Project and GitHub Repo

This post outlines the configuration of the HTML5-Boilerplate repo as well as the basic process we use to manage the project. As Github has matured as a platform and HTML5 Boilerplate has matured as a project there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the way we run the show here. GitHub configuration […]

main.css v3.0.0 released

main.css version 3.0.0 was just released. It’s actually a small release, but it carries a breaking change so we’ve bumped a major version. Here’s the glorious changelog: Rename sr-only class to visually-hidden (#109) Remove print thead rule (#101) Remove Vendor-prefixed ::selection (#93) Lots of dev dependency and npm publishing updates There’s more to come as […]

New HTML5 Boilerplate Template Repository

Hey! It’s been a while. Sorry! I’m going to have a lot more content to share over the next few months, so get used to me writing again. Anyway, we’re in the middle of creating HTML5 Boilerplate 9.0. As part of that release we have created a Github template repository. As GitHub wrote when they […]

Since I Can’t Check in, in Person- Here’s Where I’m At and What I’m Working on in 2021

While things should be getting better soon in terms of seeing people in person again (both here and on the road) we’re not quite there yet. To that end, here’s a quick rundown of where I I am and what I’m up to on the technology front. Day Job At present, I work for Eaton […]

HTML5 Boilerplate 8.0.0 Released

It took a little longer than I expected, but we released HTML5 Boilerplate 8.0.0 yesterday. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, it’s the 10th anniversary release, and if I do say so myself, it’s a pretty good way to celebrate 10 years of the project. It was a lot of work getting this one […]