HTML5 Boilerplate 9.0.1 Released

See it on GitHub! View it on npm! This release was kicked off because of Gulp 5. Gulp 5 has breaking changes so we had to work through the upgrade manually. In the process of doing that upgrade we discovered a couple of bugs. Christian Oliff noticed that tests were failing on Windows I noticed […]

I Didn’t Realize How Much I Rely on GitHub Codespaces Until This week

How much do I rely on GitHub Codespaces for open source development? Super double-plus much. I can illustrate exactly how much with one short anecdote. Gulp 5 was recently released and I created several PRs across repos in the H5BP organization to update Gulp across the board. I missed one issue with the encoding of […]

Transformation Stories #4 A New Podcast Interview With Me (Rob Larsen)

Check out yours truly on an episode of Atlas Systems’ Transformation Stories. A hands-on leader and change-maker with 20 years of experience, Rob Larsen remains at the forefront of software-led innovation – in financial services and the larger enterprise world. In this all-new conversation with Atlas Systems, Larsen offers insights into finding the right pace […]

HTML5 Boilerplate v9.0.0 Released

That took a while! This release features a ton of changes. We removed Modernizr, Normalize.css, Babel, Internat Explorer support, Google Analytics and the server configs. We also swapped out Parcel for Webpack. Here’s the full Changelog: Removing tile images #3023 Add Prettier #3011 Remove Modernizr #3002 Drop Normalize.css #2960 Create WebPack build to ship with […]