Configuration of the HTML5-Boilerplate Git Project and GitHub Repo

This post outlines the configuration of the HTML5-Boilerplate repo as well as the basic process we use to manage the project. As Github has matured as a platform and HTML5 Boilerplate has matured as a project there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the way we run the show here. GitHub configuration […]

My Intro to HTML5 Boilerplate @ IBM developerWorks + Another Wrinkle on Customizing

I wrote an article about getting started with HTML5 Boilerplate. It’s live at IBM. Check it out: Kick-start your web development with HTML5 Boilerplate. I’ve got some more content coming up on IBM over the next few months on some pretty exciting topics. I’m in the middle of a deadline for one right now, actually… […]

Recent Reading (30 Style Tags?, YUI 3, GodMode, Git, Jira)

Once again rounding up some of the articles I’ve read over the past couple of weeks. All style tags after the first 30 style tags on an HTML page are not applied in Internet Explorer I wasn’t surprised to see this came up as an issue in the Drupal community. During my short time working […]