My Intro to HTML5 Boilerplate @ IBM developerWorks + Another Wrinkle on Customizing

I wrote an article about getting started with HTML5 Boilerplate. It’s live at IBM. Check it out:

Kick-start your web development with HTML5 Boilerplate.

I’ve got some more content coming up on IBM over the next few months on some pretty exciting topics. I’m in the middle of a deadline for one right now, actually…

That begs the question- when will I sleep?

Answer: never.

The timing of the post above is interesting as I’ve been doing a little bit more in terms of customizing HTML5 Boilerplate. Recently, as an alternative to the process outlined in the above article, I’ve started using an alternative method of customizing the project to fit in better with my own development approach. I created a simple branch of the project, culled a lot of what I don’t need for my purposes, changed the directory structure and added a few wrinkles. While I love the full-blown HTML5 Boilerplate, I have specific needs and I thought the best way to address that was to just create my own fork which I’ll maintain alongside the main project. If and when there are enhancements and features I want in the main branch, I’ll pull them over into my little branch and all will be well.

I’ve still got a pretty big to-do list on my new branch, but it’s starting to come together. most of what’s left is in the build script. I need to change the directory structure to match the new one I’ve implemented. Fun times.

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