My Intro to HTML5 Boilerplate @ IBM developerWorks + Another Wrinkle on Customizing

I wrote an article about getting started with HTML5 Boilerplate. It’s live at IBM. Check it out: Kick-start your web development with HTML5 Boilerplate. I’ve got some more content coming up on IBM over the next few months on some pretty exciting topics. I’m in the middle of a deadline for one right now, actually… […]

Targeting Multiple HTML Files in the HTML5 Boilerplate Build Script

This came up in a comment here, so I thought I’d bubble this little tip to the top. To target multiple files for URL rewriting in the HTML5 Boilerplate build script (as of version 0.95) use the fileset element instead of the file argument in the “html” target: You then need to expand the fileset […]

Using CSS zoom and CSS Transforms For a Better “Increase Text Size” Button

So… the site I’m working on has one of those “increase text size” controls. On this project it’s turned out to be one of those features that shows up in comps and somehow falls through the cracks until later on in the project cycle. Situation normal, really, as it isn’t a big feature. It’s just […]

An Ant Task to Comment Out console.log Calls from JavaScript Files

As someone who started out doing JavaScript in the 1990s, I’ve been through the dark ages of debugging. Alerts, logging application data into DOM elements, etc. After having been through all that doom, I’m clearly a fan of console.log. I use it all the time. I bet you do too. It’s super useful. The one […]

Book Review: High Performance JavaScript

I read High Performance JavaScript when it came out. It took me a while to write this review. I’ve been busy (day job x spending a lot of time outside because it’s summer = less time for writing) Anyway, it’s really good. It’s short, but well-written and focused so it’s an easy book to dive […]