Navigating the Uncertain Web

The current talk I’m giving distills the second chapter of The Uncertain Web into 45 or so minutes (I’ve got the powerpoint on Github if you’re interested.) As I continue to discuss topics relating to the book here on the blog, I thought it would be useful to outline the core concepts of that chapter […]

A Long Journey Reaches a Happy Conclusion: The Uncertain Web is Out In All Formats

It’s true. After a two year odyssey, The Uncertain Web is finally out in every format that matters. The book has actually been out for a little over a month in multiple ebook formats from O’Reilly and Amazon; but owing to a slight production hiccup it hasn’t regularly been available in print until now (technically […]

Quick Note: I’ve Got a Few Posts on Amazon’s

I’ve written three articles for them. The first two are up now: Recommended HTML5 and Open Web Platform Books In which I recommend books that I think are pretty good for HTML5 and general front end engineering. Spoiler alert! I recommend my own book. I happen to think it’s pretty good so I’m not going […]

Using CSS zoom and CSS Transforms For a Better “Increase Text Size” Button

So… the site I’m working on has one of those “increase text size” controls. On this project it’s turned out to be one of those features that shows up in comps and somehow falls through the cracks until later on in the project cycle. Situation normal, really, as it isn’t a big feature. It’s just […]

Yahoo!’s Graded Browser Support to Downgrade IE6 in Q1 2011

I’m a big fan of the Graded Browser Support table from the fine folks at Yahoo! It was the official foundation for our browser support policy at Cramer and I still look to it now for hints into what one of the most mass-market of all sites thinks about the browser landscape.