I’m Giving Away a Copy of My Book, Beginning HTML and CSS

Want a free copy of my book? Sure you do. This month, I’m giving away a copy of my book right here on the blog (on this very post.) The rules of this contest are simple, simply share an interesting/funny anecdote about your experience interviewing for a technology or agency position (no names or companies […]

Quick Note: I’ve Got a Few Posts on Amazon’s tech.book(store)

I’ve written three articles for them. The first two are up now: Recommended HTML5 and Open Web Platform Books In which I recommend books that I think are pretty good for HTML5 and general front end engineering. Spoiler alert! I recommend my own book. I happen to think it’s pretty good so I’m not going […]

Beginning HTML and CSS is O-U-T

I’ve mentioned it on Google+ and Twitter. I should probably mention it here: Beginning HTML and CSS is out. It came out yesterday. Here’s proof: The book looks great. I’m really happy with it. Are there things I wish I could redo? Sure. Of course. But overall, based on what I had to work with […]

#$#@ It, We’ll Do It Live.

First off, Happy New Year! Second off, I finished my second book. Third off, I’m starting a new job on Monday. More on that later. Teaser? I’ll no longer have to worry about looking too nice at work. Fourth off, I’m going to try to rework all of my sites this year. Oh snap. I’m […]