I Have to Migrate Seven Domains to WP Engine in 9 Days

My long-time (23 years!) host is shutting down suddenly and forcing me to do something I’ve wanted to do for many years now and really never had the time- move from my old-school host to modern WordPress hosting… I’m actually excited by it since it’s going to give me some new tools to simplify the management of all of these sites and might get me to do a redesign of one or more of these sites, which would be fun.

That said… 9 days! So far it seems like it’s going to be possible. WP Engine offers a nice migration tool and once that’s run, for four or five of the sites, it’s just a matter of switching over DNS. Some of the sites are a bit more complicated but I think even those sites will be okay. It’s not like it matters! They’re pulling the plug on the 14th either way.

I’ll update here as I go through the process.

I actually have some book news to share, soon, as well. Maybe that post will be on the new host…

#$#@ It, We’ll Do It Live.

First off, Happy New Year!

Second off, I finished my second book.

Third off, I’m starting a new job on Monday. More on that later. Teaser? I’ll no longer have to worry about looking too nice at work.

Fourth off, I’m going to try to rework all of my sites this year. Oh snap. I’m starting with this site since it should be a manageable task. I’m working with Skeleton to create a fancy, modern, responsive web site.

Just like the big kids.

As you can see, I’ve already flipped the switch. Release early and often? Something like that. I’m going to customize it over the next few weeks, but after a few hours of tinkering it’s fine for human consumption (that means you, human.)

And, there you have it.

And… the source for the title of this post (NSFW)

A New Site I Worked On is Live (officially)

We finally launched the new Isobar North America site. It had been in a soft-launch phase for several weeks as we worked out the kinks. Now it’s official.

I worked on it and, amazingly enough for an internal project I’m happy with it.
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Required Reading: Yahoo Research on Mobile Cache Size

With more and more people embracing the idea of producing HTML5 mobile web apps, research like this is becoming vital. There are a lot of gotchas in this article, especially if you’ve been ignoring this space.

You should read the whole article, but I just want to point out a pair of findings before I send you on your way. One has been a known issue for a while (it’s a ySlow rule, after all,) but it’s still worth pointing out. The other… wow… my emphasis.

Results varied wildly across the three most recent versions of iOS. Astonishingly, Mobile Safari on iOS 3.1.3 did not cache components of any size, despite having an apparently unlimited page cache size. This is troubling since it means iOS 3.1.3 users are likely getting a suboptimal browsing experience, especially if they aren’t using wifi. The unlimited page cache size does little good here, since it only comes into play for back/forward navigations. This behavior is a significant change from what others observed in previous iOS releases and I can’t imagine any good reason for it, so I suspect this may be a bug.

Mobile Safari on iOS 3.2 (which is only available on the iPad) does not exhibit this bug. Its 25.6KB component limit and ~281.6KB total cache limit are better than nothing, but they still seem paltry compared to the other devices tested. Uniquely among iOS devices, the iPad appears to limit the size of pages in the page cache to 25.6KB, the same as its component size limit.

Read the rest of the article:

Mobile Browser Cache Limits: Android, iOS, and webOS

I’m on TV. WordPress.TV That Is.

You’ve all seen this, but now here it is from the official channel.


Speaking of WordPress and HTML5, I’m knee deep in the process of getting DrunkenFist.com relaunched and I’ve been doing the WordPress component for the past few days. It’s super complicated. Which means, of course, I’m having a blast with it 🙂