Required Reading: Yahoo Research on Mobile Cache Size

With more and more people embracing the idea of producing HTML5 mobile web apps, research like this is becoming vital. There are a lot of gotchas in this article, especially if you’ve been ignoring this space.

You should read the whole article, but I just want to point out a pair of findings before I send you on your way. One has been a known issue for a while (it’s a ySlow rule, after all,) but it’s still worth pointing out. The other… wow… my emphasis.

Results varied wildly across the three most recent versions of iOS. Astonishingly, Mobile Safari on iOS 3.1.3 did not cache components of any size, despite having an apparently unlimited page cache size. This is troubling since it means iOS 3.1.3 users are likely getting a suboptimal browsing experience, especially if they aren’t using wifi. The unlimited page cache size does little good here, since it only comes into play for back/forward navigations. This behavior is a significant change from what others observed in previous iOS releases and I can’t imagine any good reason for it, so I suspect this may be a bug.

Mobile Safari on iOS 3.2 (which is only available on the iPad) does not exhibit this bug. Its 25.6KB component limit and ~281.6KB total cache limit are better than nothing, but they still seem paltry compared to the other devices tested. Uniquely among iOS devices, the iPad appears to limit the size of pages in the page cache to 25.6KB, the same as its component size limit.

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Mobile Browser Cache Limits: Android, iOS, and webOS

My Bookshelf. Books on JavaScript, Python, Linux, WebOS, etc.

Here are the books that sit next to me at work.

No, there are no HTML or CSS books. I haven’t felt the need to dive into those subjects, in depth, since 1999. Based on the foundation I got from studying specs and experimenting in 1998-2000, I can read the occasional A List Apart article, look at Quirksmode and keep up to date.

I should add, I’m reading Dive Into HTML5 as it’s released. That’s what the first change in the specs in 10 years will do to a fellow.

In my “to read” pile:

Dive Into Python 3

I like Mark Pilgrim‘s writing, in general, and I want to learn more about Python.

Palm webOS

Read and build. Build and read. That’s my fall, I hope. With the new changes to their app distribution program, I’ve decided I’m going to do something open source.

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I’m Finally Building a WebOs App

I’ve been really itching to get started on something with WebOS. In general I’m dying to do something complicated with JavaScript and the announcement of the Pixi and the Nokia rumors have kept WebOs on my mind, so this news really got my attention:

Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer to lead Developer Relations team at Palm
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The Palm webOS SDK is Now Open To All. Get Your Mojo On!

Announcing webOSdev

I’m very pleased to announce that effective today we are wrapping up the webOS early access program. We are doing this because today we opened up the program to everyone and released our new public developer portal at This is the culmination of a lot of hard work by a lot of people here at Palm, and I want to be the first to thank them for making this happen.

This is one more step in delivering webOS to all developers and providing the tools they need to build great applications for Palm phones.

Please go register and join us on the new server. For a change this significant, I’m sure there are going to be some rough edges and broken links. If you run into one, please let us know by posting on the new forums. If you have trouble registering or can’t access the forums for some reason then please email me at and I’ll work with you to resolve it.

Head on over to the Developer portal to download it. I’ll be hacking away at every spare moment, and will be posting my findings here. Fun times.



The Wait For the Palm WebOS SDK

Although they doubled the number of people let into the club last week, the progress seems painfully slow- at least to me. Sitting on the outside, looking in, it seems like an eternity.

Especially since I expected to be well under way at this point. I’m really surprised that they didn’t ramp it up much sooner, in order to have a little more app momentum for the launch of the Pre. I know that WebOS is a long-term project for Palm, and an all-in bet on the future of the company, so I can understand them being cautious and trying to get things right. That understanding doesn’t ease my frustration with the wait. To be honest, I thought I’d be in beta by now, with the device already a month old. A bleary eyed, sleep deprived beta :), but a beta nonetheless. As it stands I’m staring at a leaked version and checking my inbox for the official invite.

Maybe I’ll be one of the people who doubles this size of the program this week and all of this vague griping will be a prelude to my first look inside the SDK.

Anyone out there had any luck getting in?

Has anyone from the dark side had time to play with the leaked version?