The Wait For the Palm WebOS SDK

Although they doubled the number of people let into the club last week, the progress seems painfully slow- at least to me. Sitting on the outside, looking in, it seems like an eternity.

Especially since I expected to be well under way at this point. I’m really surprised that they didn’t ramp it up much sooner, in order to have a little more app momentum for the launch of the Pre. I know that WebOS is a long-term project for Palm, and an all-in bet on the future of the company, so I can understand them being cautious and trying to get things right. That understanding doesn’t ease my frustration with the wait. To be honest, I thought I’d be in beta by now, with the device already a month old. A bleary eyed, sleep deprived beta :), but a beta nonetheless. As it stands I’m staring at a leaked version and checking my inbox for the official invite.

Maybe I’ll be one of the people who doubles this size of the program this week and all of this vague griping will be a prelude to my first look inside the SDK.

Anyone out there had any luck getting in?

Has anyone from the dark side had time to play with the leaked version?

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