My Bookshelf. Books on JavaScript, Python, Linux, WebOS, etc.

Here are the books that sit next to me at work.

No, there are no HTML or CSS books. I haven’t felt the need to dive into those subjects, in depth, since 1999. Based on the foundation I got from studying specs and experimenting in 1998-2000, I can read the occasional A List Apart article, look at Quirksmode and keep up to date.

I should add, I’m reading Dive Into HTML5 as it’s released. That’s what the first change in the specs in 10 years will do to a fellow.

In my “to read” pile:

Dive Into Python 3

I like Mark Pilgrim‘s writing, in general, and I want to learn more about Python.

Palm webOS

Read and build. Build and read. That’s my fall, I hope. With the new changes to their app distribution program, I’ve decided I’m going to do something open source.

In my “partially read” pile:

Learning Python

Have I mentioned I want to learn more about Python?

From the “read” (and sometimes well worn) pile:

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

This one is well worn. There’s some newer stuff not covered in here, but for the most part it’s my first reference for the things I don’t quite remember.

JavaScript: The Good Parts

I liked Douglas Crockford‘s book. Probably not as much as some other people, but I liked it.

Pro JavaScript Techniques

John Resig‘s book. I thought it was really interesting throughout and eagerly await Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja (even if it’s got a Samurai on the cover*)

Pro JavaScript Design Patterns

Ross Harmes and Dustin Diaz show the flexibility and power of JavaScript, porting common OO patterns over to our little malleable language.

ppk on JavaScript, 1/e

Peter Paul Koch produces the best introductory text to JS I’ve read. Of course, the last real introductory text I read was 10 years ago. I pass this around our office, so it looks like it’s been through a washing machine.

Learning XSLT

I learned XSLT using this book. As advertised.

Linux in a Nutshell

I know just enough to destroy things. This book helps me not destroy.

High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers

A great reference for front end performance. Many to-do list items sprung forth from my reading of this book.

Even Faster Web Sites: Performance Best Practices for Web Developers

Steve Souders’ follow-up. A great read that has already shaped my approach to certain problems.

JavaScript Bible, Fifth Edition

I don’t touch this as much as I once used to. The Definitive Guide has supplanted it as my reference of choice.

*John knows this and is trying to get that straightened out.

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