Recent Reading (Analytics, WordPress Short Codes, Jira, JavaScript Videos, Protocol Relative URLS, Facebook)

There’s a lot of content this week, including about 5 hours of video embedded right in the page for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Analytics – The Usability Lab of the new decade

Peter Merholz from Adaptive Path talks up analytics. Don’t I feel like a smart guy with all my fancy analytics experience?

That’s probably something I don’t talk enough about here- analytics. I’ve got a ton of experience with both Omniture and Google Analytics, doing some pretty advanced work. I should share that.

Anyway, good article talking about the UX benefits of analytics data. Check it out.

Short Code resources

This is a little resource page from one of the WordCamp Boston Ingite talks. WordPress Short Codes are clearly awesome and I don’t use them enough. I aim to change that.

I’m actually using them for the table of contents on my ongoing How To Make a Web Site series.
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Video of My HTML5 + WordPress Presentation From WordCamp Boston

And here it is:


Just in time for me to do it all over again tonight at the Boston JavaScript Meetup. Well, not completely all over again as it’s a new presentation tonight, but it’ll still be two times at NERD this week.

I’m Messing Around With an HTML5 Version of the Default WordPress Theme

WordCamp Boston is less than a week away, and as part of my presentation I wanted to show the new elements in an environment that basically everyone that works on WordPress sites will recognize- the default theme. To that end, I mocked up a functioning HTML5ized version of the home page to use as an example. That was both easy and fun.
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A New Site I Made is Live- (HTML5 + CSS3 + WordPress)

We relaunched the Cramer blog today. It’s a soft launch. We’re hoping to shake out any kinks over the quiet time around the holiday. I did the initial HTML5/CSS3 templates and then shepherded the project for a couple of weeks* until I was freed up enough this past week to get the thing out the door.
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I’m Presenting at WordCamp Boston January 23, 2010

I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be speaking at the 1st WordCamp Boston. I’ll be talking about the marriage of two of my favorite technologies: WordPress and HTML5.

The Future is Now: WP Themes With HTML 5

Excited about HTML5? Wish you could start using the new semantic elements right now? You can. In this presentation Rob Larsen will show you how to create cross-browser, HTML5 enhanced WordPress themes using nothing more than a little extra JavaScript, basic WordPress knowledge and some knowledge of the new elements.

Check out the rest of the program.

It takes place January 23, 2010 and is being held at:

Microsoft New England Research and Development Center
1 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02142

Thanks once again to Microsoft for hosting pretty much every technology group in the area 🙂