A Few Paragraphs on Angular 2

Look! I’m back! I may end up writing here more often that I have over the past couple of years as I’m significantly cutting back on the amount of time I spend on Twitter. If you’ve enjoyed me saying “get off my lawn” on Twitter over the past few months, you’ll have to come here […]

Introducing My New Book: The Uncertain Web

Hey everybody, I’ve got a new book coming out. It’s called The Uncertain Web and it’s being published by O’Reilly. Right now we’re targeting a November release. Just in time for Christmas. Buy a dozen and hand them out like candy canes. If that seems like too long to wait, never fear. I’m about 50% […]

You’re So Smart You Turned JavaScript into xHTML

Have you ever seen an error message like this one? XML parsers are designed to call it quits as soon as they encounter an error. XML grammar is strict, so the parsers need to be strict too. This particular error is from an & in a URL. &s in URLs are super common occurrence, but […]

Let’s Talk About your Billable Rate

I’ve got a few topics relating to my experience at agencies that I’ve been looking to share for some time. Now that I’m going my own way as a consultant with the goal of maybe expanding on that as well as somehow helping out at an agency again; I’m going to start to work through […]

Notes from the Interview Front

Sadly, I won’t be sharing a bunch of funny anecdotes from my time on the interview trail. While that might be fun, there are some bigger trends that I wanted to talk about after having reviewed dozens of job descriptions and talking to dozens of people at one level or another over the month of […]