Front End Engineering Spectrum Poll Results

The results of my poll are in. Thanks to everyone who filled it out and shared it. It’s much appreciated and it gave me some insight into where we are in terms of roles, organizations size and maturity and, probably most interestingly to me, what we’re called on out business cards. Let’s look at the […]

Please Fill Out My Front End Engineering Roles Poll

As you may know, I’ve spent some time thinking about front end engineering at a higher level than just the code that we write and the technologies that we use. I’ve written about what we do both in terms of the flavors of front end developers that exist and in terms of the roles that […]

If You Want to Share Code, Please Add a License

This has come up a few times recently (example), so I thought I’d point it out here for all the world to see. If you’re sharing code on a blog, Github or anywhere else you think people might find it and want to use it, please license it in some way. If you don’t, it […]

On Interviewing Front End Engineers: Be Prepared (or at Least Pretend You Are.)

On more than one occasion I’ve been interviewed by someone and they’ve told me, point blank, that they “didn’t prepare at all for this” or “didn’t even look at your resume.” Really? While this is lame no matter what industry or role, with front end engineers it’s incredibly frustrating. Throughout the “Ajax era” any other […]