HTML5 Boilerplate v7 released

After a few months of starts and stops while I wrestled my SVG book into submission and released main.css as a standalone project, I’m pleased to announce that HTML5 Boilerplate v7 was released on Friday February 8, 2019. The biggest change is the way that we include the aforementioned main.css. Since it’s now a standalone […]

H5BP’s main.css Released as a Standalone Project

I just published the 1.0.0 release of main.css, a standalone version of the H5BP CSS file. The project serves as a repository for development of the file as well as a distribution channel for the component files as separate CSS files. The dist folder contains: This setup allows people (including HTML5 Boilerplate itself) to consume […]

If You Want to Share Code, Please Add a License

This has come up a few times recently (example), so I thought I’d point it out here for all the world to see. If you’re sharing code on a blog, Github or anywhere else you think people might find it and want to use it, please license it in some way. If you don’t, it […]

Ant. Ant? Really?

Quick, if you were to guess a technology I’d be making commits on an open source project using, would Apache Ant be at the top of the list? I didn’t think so. But yet, here I am committing an Ant Build script to Paul’s excellent HTML5 Boilerplate project. It makes sense since I’ve done work […]