HTML5 Boilerplate v7 released

After a few months of starts and stops while I wrestled my SVG book into submission and released main.css as a standalone project, I’m pleased to announce that HTML5 Boilerplate v7 was released on Friday February 8, 2019.

The biggest change is the way that we include the aforementioned main.css. Since it’s now a standalone project we include it as an npm dependency at build-time. This change still allows people (including HTML5 Boilerplate itself) to consume main.css as a whole, but also allows the component styles to be used individually in different, and hopefully interesting, ways. You can access the component styles to mix and match directly through the main.css npm package.

We also dropped support for IE9/10. That was not as cathartic as dropping support for IE6 or IE8, but it was still nice. It feels like we’re living in the future.

The docs also got a big upgrade. We could use more help there, but we’ve done a couple of really good passes at the documentation and I think it’s in a good place now.

Thanks again to Christian Oliff for his work on this release. He’s proven to be an invaluable team member over the past couple of years. I really appreciate his help on tasks and his attention to detail.

And, as always, thanks to our many contributors. You are the best!

Are you interested in helping out? Check out our current issues, submit an idea for a new feature or look at one of the other H5BP projects to see if there’s something else you’re interested in helping with. It’s fun.

Here’s the full release notes:

7.0.0 (February 8, 2019)

  • Drop support for IE9/IE10 (#2074)
  • Move the CSS to a separate repo (#2066)
  • Add theme-color meta tag to index.html (#2074)
  • Add ‘install with yarn’ steps to README (#2063)
  • Improved Webmanifest (#2060)
  • Upgrade Normalize to 8.0.1 (#2104)
  • Update .htaccess (#2110)
  • Remove instances of shrink-to-fit=no (#2103)
  • Removes “display”: “standalone” from manifest (#2096)
  • Big Docs update – Fixed links, removed IE9/IE10 specific info, made touch icons section more concise, add details on security.txt and more tidying up (#2074, #2065, #2062)

Download the latest from github or install it from npm.

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