Ant. Ant? Really?

Quick, if you were to guess a technology I’d be making commits on an open source project using, would Apache Ant be at the top of the list? I didn’t think so. But yet, here I am committing an Ant Build script to Paul’s excellent HTML5 Boilerplate project. It makes sense since I’ve done work on concatenation, minification and other performance enhancements using Ant, but it’s still a weird technology to be contributing to such a cool project with…

It’s actually be a lot of fun as I’ve dived deeper into Ant than I would ever have had to normally. I feel like I’m pretty handy with it now and watching my initial work get improved upon by other folks has been fun all by itself.

I’m working on a write up of what I did and how to use it. I’ll share it here soon.

2 thoughts on “Ant. Ant? Really?

  1. Along the same sort of lines, you should check out capistrano. Ok ok I know it’s ruby and I drink that koolaid but still … For deployment and task authoring it’s soooooo good!

  2. I’ll check it out. I fell into Ant because of the projects I worked on at Cramer. I’d love to get broader experience with some of those tools because they just make life better. Both in terms of workload and output quality.

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