Navigating the Uncertain Web

The current talk I’m giving distills the second chapter of The Uncertain Web into 45 or so minutes (I’ve got the powerpoint on Github if you’re interested.) As I continue to discuss topics relating to the book here on the blog, I thought it would be useful to outline the core concepts of that chapter […]

A Long Journey Reaches a Happy Conclusion: The Uncertain Web is Out In All Formats

It’s true. After a two year odyssey, The Uncertain Web is finally out in every format that matters. The book has actually been out for a little over a month in multiple ebook formats from O’Reilly and Amazon; but owing to a slight production hiccup it hasn’t regularly been available in print until now (technically […]

Let’s Talk About your Billable Rate

I’ve got a few topics relating to my experience at agencies that I’ve been looking to share for some time. Now that I’m going my own way as a consultant with the goal of maybe expanding on that as well as somehow helping out at an agency again; I’m going to start to work through […]

Notes from the Interview Front

Sadly, I won’t be sharing a bunch of funny anecdotes from my time on the interview trail. While that might be fun, there are some bigger trends that I wanted to talk about after having reviewed dozens of job descriptions and talking to dozens of people at one level or another over the month of […]

Front End Engineering Spectrum Poll Results

The results of my poll are in. Thanks to everyone who filled it out and shared it. It’s much appreciated and it gave me some insight into where we are in terms of roles, organizations size and maturity and, probably most interestingly to me, what we’re called on out business cards. Let’s look at the […]