Help Wanted: Please Test the New @h5bp Ant Build Script Image Optimization Flow

I reworked the way images are optimized in the Ant Build Script. After all the work I’d done to get it to 1.0 I discovered that a lot of the features we added to the image optimization process, coupled with a few hacks I threw in there myself, had made the image optimization tasks wonky […]

I’m Not Dead. I’m Just Resting. Actually, I’m Not Resting. I’m Just Busy.

Hi. Remember me? Me neither. Sorry. I’ve been busy. I’ve got a big project at work that’s taken up a bunch of my time and a new book project has kicked off at the exact same time. Holy cow. Some news. My book with Manning has been canceled. The project had some unforeseen hiccups and […]

Bits and Bobs (Book Updates, the H5BP Ant Build Script, CanvasJS and My First Six Months at Sapient)

Time to share some random updates. Mobile Web App in Practice My Manning book has shifted tracks slightly. It was originally going to be a cookbook. It’s now part of Manning’s In Practice series so the title has changed to reflect that. With that slight adjustment out of the way we’re heading into serious production […]

Targeting Multiple HTML Files in the HTML5 Boilerplate Build Script

This came up in a comment here, so I thought I’d bubble this little tip to the top. To target multiple files for URL rewriting in the HTML5 Boilerplate build script (as of version 0.95) use the fileset element instead of the file argument in the “html” target: You then need to expand the fileset […]

Ant. Ant? Really?

Quick, if you were to guess a technology I’d be making commits on an open source project using, would Apache Ant be at the top of the list? I didn’t think so. But yet, here I am committing an Ant Build script to Paul’s excellent HTML5 Boilerplate project. It makes sense since I’ve done work […]