Help Wanted: Please Test the New @h5bp Ant Build Script Image Optimization Flow

I reworked the way images are optimized in the Ant Build Script. After all the work I’d done to get it to 1.0 I discovered that a lot of the features we added to the image optimization process, coupled with a few hacks I threw in there myself, had made the image optimization tasks wonky on the Mac and on Linux. To that end, I reworked them, making them much simpler logically. I think the new changes are pretty foolproof (me, being the fool) but I need as many people as possible to test it to make sure I’ve really solved the problem. With these image issues fixed, I would release 1.1.0 and then sit back and see how things go. I’m really looking at getting the project to a nice stable place where I can just let it chill out and do its thing without me worrying about having stupid open bugs staring me in the face.

Which is where I am now.

Anyway, the branch is new-image-optimization.

To test you need some PNGs and JPGs in the img folder in an HTML5 Boilerplate structured project. Importantly, you need to test your version of OptiPNG. If it’s less than 0.7.0 and you can’t upgrade for some reason* you need to uncomment line 189 in your If it’s above, just run ant and holler if your images aren’t getting optimized.

This is the issue to track issues with the new flow.

If this works, I can close like 6 bugs and release the patch** version. Which is the bee’s knees.

* This is some Mac thing. I’ve never quite understood why people just can’t upgrade their tools, but apparently something about the Mac stops you from being able to update a stupid little utility.
** I’m wondering if this should be a minor version since there’s a lot of “private” code rewritten to change the image optimization flow. 1.1.0? Maybe.

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