#$#@ It, We’ll Do It Live.

First off, Happy New Year!

Second off, I finished my second book.

Third off, I’m starting a new job on Monday. More on that later. Teaser? I’ll no longer have to worry about looking too nice at work.

Fourth off, I’m going to try to rework all of my sites this year. Oh snap. I’m starting with this site since it should be a manageable task. I’m working with Skeleton to create a fancy, modern, responsive web site.

Just like the big kids.

As you can see, I’ve already flipped the switch. Release early and often? Something like that. I’m going to customize it over the next few weeks, but after a few hours of tinkering it’s fine for human consumption (that means you, human.)

And, there you have it.

And… the source for the title of this post (NSFW)

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