Windows Apps for Web and Front End Developers

Spurred on by this post by Rey Bango, I thought I’d share some of the tools I’m using myself when working on Windows. Rey’s post is great, but since Window-based developers are under-served by the community (even though there are a lot of us) I figured it couldn’t hurt to add my own options. These […]

H5BP Ant Build Script v1.0 Released

After a year of living as its own repo, contributions from a bunch of people and a flurry of activity from yours truly over the past month*, I just released the 1.0 version of the H5BP Ant Build Script. Download a zip or browse the code on github. Moving to semantic versioning was a good […]

HTML5Boilerplate 0.95 Released. Please Break the Build Script.

The latest version of HTML5 Boilerplate was released and the build script I worked on is included as a beta feature. I’m happy to see it in the wild even though it reminds me that I’ve got a couple of outstanding enhancements I want to take care of at some point (soon? *fingers crossed*) Anyway, […]

An Ant Task to Comment Out console.log Calls from JavaScript Files

As someone who started out doing JavaScript in the 1990s, I’ve been through the dark ages of debugging. Alerts, logging application data into DOM elements, etc. After having been through all that doom, I’m clearly a fan of console.log. I use it all the time. I bet you do too. It’s super useful. The one […]

How To Make a Web Site the Modern Way. Part 0: Introduction

Well, I leaked it earlier this week, so I might as well get started. Welcome to How to Make a Web Site the Modern Way, a blog series outlining, to the best of my ability. how to build an HTML page using today’s best practices. The focus won’t be on specific coding techniques, although there […]