I’ll be Presenting At HTML5 Developer Conference in San Francisco

I just got word that my presentation was accepted. I’ll be presenting alongside people who are really super smart. I’m hoping to not embarrass myself.

I promise I won’t pick a fight with Douglas Crockford just as a goof.

Here’s the pitch for my talk:

We’re awash in data. Making sense of that flood of information is impossible without the aid of visualizations to simplify the information, amplify the important points and educate at a glance. The open web platform has two main technologies for working with interactive visualizations: SVG and Canvas. This presentation will outline the optimal use cases for each, will talk about the current state of each technology and will show detailed examples of each in action.

In detail I’m going to cover the core differences between the technologies, the support landscape and then look a little bit at coding in each. Since this is a practical talk, I’ll likely cover some core canvas, D3, Raphael, and Stockcharts/Highcharts. I will probably show a CanvasJS slide since I’ve been working on it again and it’s actually going to be a thing at some point- even if that “thing” is just a novelty me, Bob and Marc worked on.

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