The Project (soon to be) Formerly Known as ng-grid

I’ve go a bunch of small updates to share (and one big one.) I’m starting with this one since it fits with the Angular kick I’ve been on.

I’ve recently gotten involved with the ng-grid project housed under the Angular UI banner. We’re using it at work, so it makes sense for me to pitch in to help keep the project humming along as best it can.

We had a meeting last week and hatched plans to rewrite the core of the project in order to juice performance and ease development going forward. Working in financial services, grids are a big deal for me and I’ve never been a huge fan of any of the ones out there. I’m hoping this project will end up being the quality grid I’ve always been looking for as a consumer.

On the name

While it’s called ng-grid at the moment, it’s going to get a name change for 3.0, in order to better fit with the rest of the Angular UI stable. I’m not 100% sure of this, since we haven’t followed up since the meeting, but it will likely be UI Grid.

So, yeah. If you’re an Angular type and are looking for a data grid, I’ve got your back.

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