Downloads From Last Night’s Presentation

I presented at Bocoup last night. It went really well. As always great people showed up and I think I did okay with my side of the bargain. I shot some video, we’ll see how that turns out. If it’s of reasonable quality I’ll be sure to share. For anyone interested, here are a couple […]

Reminder- I’m Presenting on Front End Performance Next Week (May 19)

I’m in the middle of finishing up my presentation, so I figured I might as well make an effort to get some people to show up to see the results of my hard work 🙂 Here’s the write up: Front End Performance for the Common Man: Practical Strategies to Speed Up Your Site Day: Wednesday […]

A Quick Examination of the Memory and Perfomance Ramifications of CSS Sprite Dimensions

I recently ran into an interesting CSS Sprite. It contains what appears to be all of a web app’s site’s icons. What was interesting was the fact that it’s a 32 Bit PNG at 1500 x 1500 pixels- many of which are empty. Here’s what it looks like shrunk down for easy consumption and the […]

Recent Reading (node.js, P3PC, Event Delegation, Twitter)

After relaunching my personal site and realizing all my other sites are in pretty good shape for the first time in forever, I’ve suddenly found myself with plenty of free “tech time” to mess around with whatever I want to mess around with. Which is cool, because, while I appreciate being able to tinker in […]

I’m Going to be Speaking on Front End Performance in May

There’s always a slide about performance in my presentations. This time? Every slide will be about performance. I’m chomping at the bit to get started on this one. The Bocoup guys were crazy enough to invite me down to talk about my favorite topic- front end performance. Here’s the write up: Front End Performance for […]