I’m Giving Away a Copy of My Book, Beginning HTML and CSS


Want a free copy of my book? Sure you do. This month, I’m giving away a copy of my book right here on the blog (on this very post.)

The rules of this contest are simple, simply share an interesting/funny anecdote about your experience interviewing for a technology or agency position (no names or companies needed, blind items are fine.) At the end of October, I’ll pick the best one and you get a free copy of my book, Beginning HTML and CSS. I can’t tell you what kind of story will win, but if you’ve got an interview story that’s funny, creative, cool, inspirational, or whatever share it and you might get some free stuff. This contest is open to anyone in the world with an address. If I can send you a copy of my book using the US Postal Service, you’re eligible.

And heck, even if you’re already an expert and don’t have need of a beginner book, you can certainly hand it off to someone looking to make their own site for the first time or to an engineer from another technology discipline looking to get introduced to the joys of web technology.

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