What I Read This Week (jQuery’s live(), algorithms, IE8 + VPN, Chrome )

These are the posts that have kept me engaged during my quiet moments this week.

Demystifying jQuery .live() and why it’s generally faster than .bind()

A short article looking at jQuery’s .live().

List of Algorithms

Just what it says it is- a big-ass list of algorithms. I wish more had source code.

Using a VPN Clobbers IE 8 Performance

The folks at HttpWatch detail the ins and outs of the way that IE8 handles their enhanced connection rules. The browser is set to use 6 open connections, but only when a broadband connection is in use, so there are situations where it can fall back to using just 2.

(down)Loading JavaScript as strings
Steve Souders is a font of performance wisdom. I wish I’d been able to check out the Velocity Online Conference today.

Technically speaking, what makes Google Chrome fast?
Front end engineers can learn much from the people who make browsers. That’s the case here. The video content is excellent.

Computer science in JavaScript: Base64 encoding
This is a great series, moving the discussion of JS beyond the browser and the DOM and into a more primary, and therefore really interesting, realm.

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