What This is All About

Hi, my name is Rob Larsen and this is a new blog for me. I’ve decided to move all of my web technology and business of the internet writing over to one place so that people focused on that stuff can be spared the sketchbook images, movie writing and sports rambling I do over at my personal site. It’ll also allow me to go a little bit more off the rails there from time to time as people who know me from my day job will have this place to focus on.

I know what you’re wondering? Who am I? What’s this site about?

Who Am I?

As I mentioned, my name is Rob and I work as Principal Presentation Engineer at an agency in the Boston area. There, I manage a small team, work on standards and process development and still find some time to do some coding. Overall, I’ve got more than ten years of professional experience building web site for a wide variety of companies and a couple of years before that building sites for my own enjoyment. All of which means I’ve got volumes of hands-on, practical experience that I want to share with you.

What’s This Site About?

I’ll mostly be writing about front end technologies (HTML,CSS, JavaScript), front end performance, and related web technologies (XML/XSLT, WordPress, Apache, Flash/Flex, Amazon Web Services.) I’ll occasionally add in a post about social media and/or the business of the Internet.

Some examples of the kind of writing I’ll do, pulled from my personal site:

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