Working From Home For The First Time in 3 Years – Expect Some Writing/Open Source From Me

Like many of you I’m working from home for a while. As a mental health strategy, I’m going to do some writing and coding in the hour or so I get back each day from not having to commute.

The first post, which will follow today, will be my thoughts on working from home. I worked for home for many years and did really well at it, so I’d like to offer some thoughts about what I thought helped me.

Thankfully I never changed my office set-up so I’ve been able to slide right back into the flow of working from home. I have a better mic and a really good headset, but overall it’s the same setup I used for five years as an independent consultant.

It’s interesting, but I’d actually rather be at the office. I grew to like being downtown and since my commute is usually by bicycle, I didn’t even had the drag of traffic or crummy train service to drag me down. I’m looking forward to returning to the office as soon as we’re able. For now? I’ll be writing to connect with my fellow humans.

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