Palatino Consulting, One Year In

While I’ve been consulting independently for slightly more than a year, I’ve been doing so under the Palatino Consulting banner for exactly one year, this week. It’s been going pretty well, thanks for asking. I’m at the point now where I’m starting to think about whether or not I want to expand this business to […]

Current Status: For Hire

My current long-term consulting gig is ending at the end of June and, being a fan of managing uncertainty (did you see how I did that?) I’m trying to line something up for the summer sooner rather than later. I’m sure I’ll find something (I’ve got recruiters knocking down my door), but I’m also interested […]

My New Book, The Uncertain Web, is Available in Early Release

The raw stuff, available for your reading pleasure. I’m really excited to see what people think. The best way to approach the web today is to forgo hard and fast rules and design for uncertainty. Embracing uncertainty as a core tenet of web development and scrapping the rules we’ve relied on in the past few […]

Introducing My New Book: The Uncertain Web

Hey everybody, I’ve got a new book coming out. It’s called The Uncertain Web and it’s being published by O’Reilly. Right now we’re targeting a November release. Just in time for Christmas. Buy a dozen and hand them out like candy canes. If that seems like too long to wait, never fear. I’m about 50% […]

Current Status: Independent Consultant

As many of you know, my run at Wellington ended at the end of February. My contract wasn’t renewed for reasons beyond my control and that was that. No more suits, sadly.* One of the big problems with that contract ending was that the timing of it was a little abrupt. I found out just […]