Big Book Update: Now with 100% More Co-Authors

I just wanted to deliver on the book update I promised last week.Mobile Web App Cookbook is rolling now, with actual words being written. That’s pretty exciting for me.

What’s even more exciting is that we’re finally set with co-authors to do the technical chapters. I wanted to take a minute to introduce them, since they’re going to be the real stars of the show, providing the hands-on expertise the book is going to deliver. Me? I’m just a table-setter.

Anyway, here they are, the rest of the team (in order of appearance in the book):

Mike Morley

Mike is going to be doing chapters on the core technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.)

MIKE MORLEY is a freelance mobile user interface developer at and has spent many years building web applications for financial institutions and digital media agencies. For the past few years he has specialized in developing mobile web applications for a range of clients from UK high street retailer New Look, the car manufacturer Ford and the UK lottery. When not building mobile web apps he may be spotted on the golf course or walking along the coast near Colchester (UK), where he lives with his wife Rachel, his young son and Chocky the dog.

Rich Freedman

Rich is going to be working on the jQuery Mobile section.

RICH FREEDMAN is a consultant at Chariot Solutions, where he works with a wide variety of technologies for clients ranging from startups to members of the Fortune 500. Rich has over 20 years of application development experience. He has been blogging about software development for several years, is a DZone MVP blogger, and has reviewed several books for Manning, including JQuery in Action and Roo in Action. When he’s not programming or reading or writing about programming, he’s probably in the kitchen, whipping up a gourmet vegan meal, while thinking about programming. Rich lives in Lambertville, New Jersey, a small and architecturally wonderful 18th century city.

Lee Boonstra

Lee is going to be working on the Sencha Touch chapters.

Lee Boonstra lives together with her partner in Amsterdam the Netherlands. While doing her study (Art & Technology) in 2004 she started her own web development company to continue to grow and learn new technologies. Right now her focus is more on mobile (web) apps. Her most successful app is available at the Apple Appstore and Google Chrome webstore: Spotlib.

In the last year of her study she worked for Accenture as a senior back-end (Java) developer for clients such as UPC and KLM/Air France.
After 3 years she decided to make the move to the front-end. “I think it’s advantageous to understand back-end technologies while working on the front-end. I’m a creative person and I like to have a nice workflow and see my changes directly on the screen.” In 2009 she started working as a front-end team lead for eFocus, one of the top 3 fullservice internet agencies in The Netherlands. “I’m working with a lot of (front-end) technologies & frameworks, and that is why I love my work so much: jQuery (Mobile), Mootools, Dojo, CSS3, HTML5, XML, SQL and recently Sencha Touch”. As a team lead she works on both mobile and web for middle to large scale clients, such as Deloitte, Heineken and Philips.

Beside technologies, Lee’s other passions are alternative music, attending concerts and festivals and (what she is famous in Amsterdam for) being a drag king performer and model. And let’s not get started about how extensive her videogame (console) collection is…

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  1. The best of luck with your book project. A very interesting and relevant topic — I once thought about writing something similar. You’re brave to sign up with a publisher. I wrote 27 computer books with publishers (not Manning), but had so many discouraging experiences that I’ve finally gone indie with my latest book “JavaScript: Just the Basics.”

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