Reuse and Recycle: The Mobile Web

Quick! Name two topics that have dominated in technology circles over the past few years. If you said “mobile” and “HTML5,” then you’ve hit the right page on my site. With the incredible growth of the smart phone market, staying abreast of the latest speculation, leaks and reviews of the hottest mobile devices has become […]

Big Book Update: Now with 100% More Co-Authors

I just wanted to deliver on the book update I promised last week.Mobile Web App Cookbook is rolling now, with actual words being written. That’s pretty exciting for me. What’s even more exciting is that we’re finally set with co-authors to do the technical chapters. I wanted to take a minute to introduce them, since […]

I’m Writing a Book. Announcing: Mobile Web App Cookbook

As the title says, I’m working on a book. I signed the agreement yesterday so I’m finally be able to share the news with all of you. It’s been in the works for a while, so getting it to the point where it’s something I can talk about is a pleasure. The book is with […]

Let Me Direct You to the Quote of the Week.

I have a real post queued up to go in an hour or two. To tide you over until then, I present the web development quote of the week: Since my attempts at capturing web developers’ hearts and minds by publishing fundamental research have failed miserably but my thirst for attention continues unabated, today I […]