HTML5 Boilerplate 6.1.0 Released

The news is coming fast and furious these days. Last week I offered up a big update on my SVG book (which I’m still in the process of finishing) and now I’m pleased to announce that we just released HTML5 Boilerplate 6.1.

In addition to the regular updates to dependencies, etc. the biggest change was moving to eslint for JavaScript linting. That was a lingering change we were unable to get into 6.0 and that change ended up being my biggest personal contribution to this release.

Speaking of contributions, Christian Oliff was instrumental in getting 6.1 out the door. I often woke up to a flurry of PRs as he threw together updates while I was busy sleeping, so he definitely kept this release on track. So, in addition to our ever-expanding cast of contributors, he definitely deserves big-time kudos for this release ????????✌️

Here’s the full release notes:

6.1.0 (May 1, 2018)

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