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Easy Autocomplete with the datalist Element, the list Attribute and AngularJS’s ng-repeat Directive

Continuing to write about some Angular features I’ve been working with recently, I thought it would be interesting to show off one of the little conveniences I was able to put together using just a couple of Angular’s core features. … Continue reading

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My Slides from HTML5DevConf, Now with 100% More Browsing (and Photos)

My slides from HTML5DevConf are now up for viewing on Github pages, so you don’t even need to type node web-server.js to view them. There’s one hitch where svgz files aren’t rendering, but I’m not going to worry about that … Continue reading

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Reuse and Recycle: SVG

SVG has had a long and strange journey to the world of ‘emerging technologies” SVG was actually defined in 1999, so it’s not exactly the new kid on the block. Still, it took a while to catch on, so in … Continue reading

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Bits and Bobs (Book Updates, the H5BP Ant Build Script, CanvasJS and My First Six Months at Sapient)

Time to share some random updates. Mobile Web App in Practice My Manning book has shifted tracks slightly. It was originally going to be a cookbook. It’s now part of Manning’s In Practice series so the title has changed to … Continue reading

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My Latest IBM Article is Live: “An introduction to Ajax”

An introduction to Ajax. Get a technical introduction to Ajax programming, and discover the core JavaScript code and popular library implementations. This article presents a brief history of the technology, then outlines the technical basics of Ajax interactions using core … Continue reading

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Check Out My IBM DeveloperWorks Article on Sandboxed Natives, Fusebox, and FuseJS

Summary: The concept of sandboxed natives, which are native JavaScript objects safely enhanced outside of the global namespace, has been circulating for several years. With Fusebox, we have a new, elegant approach to sandboxed natives—one that serves as the foundation … Continue reading

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My Intro to HTML5 Boilerplate @ IBM developerWorks + Another Wrinkle on Customizing

I wrote an article about getting started with HTML5 Boilerplate. It’s live at IBM. Check it out: Kick-start your web development with HTML5 Boilerplate. I’ve got some more content coming up on IBM over the next few months on some … Continue reading

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Performance Tip: When Linking to JavaScript on the Google Ajax Library CDN, Use a Specific Version Number

I’ve seen this a few times over the past few months: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js”></script> What that basically says to Google is “give me the latest 1.* branch version of jQuery and make sure it’s minified.”

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Starter Assets

I just wanted to point folks to the small project I started on Google code- Starter Assets. It’s based on some work I did at Cramer to standardize the development process there. The idea was to provide a standard set … Continue reading

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HTML5 + WordPress Resource Links From my WordCamp Boston Presentation

Owing to the contrast on the A/V system, my last slide was illegible, so here are all the links that folks couldn’t see. The presentation itself: HTML5 + WordPress And the resource links: The working group http://www.whatwg.org/ Mark Pilgrim’s HTML5 … Continue reading

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