Want to Contribute to a 57,000+ Star GitHub Repo? You Can Help Translate Front End Developer Interview Questions

Are you interested in getting some open source experience? Maybe it’s a goal for you at your job this year or maybe you just want to give back to the community. Whatever your reason, the Front End Developer Interview Questions repo is looking for help updating the translation of the interview questions into 33 different […]

I Have to Migrate Seven Domains to WP Engine in 9 Days

My long-time (23 years!) host is shutting down suddenly and forcing me to do something I’ve wanted to do for many years now and really never had the time- move from my old-school host to modern WordPress hosting… I’m actually excited by it since it’s going to give me some new tools to simplify the […]

Configuration of the HTML5-Boilerplate Git Project and GitHub Repo

This post outlines the configuration of the HTML5-Boilerplate repo as well as the basic process we use to manage the project. As Github has matured as a platform and HTML5 Boilerplate has matured as a project there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the way we run the show here. GitHub configuration […]

Looking For Options to Automate Translations of Front-end-Developer-Interview-Questions

I inherited the Front-end-Developer-Interview-Questions project years ago and while I’ve helped the project improve in a few ways, the project (50,000+ stars!) is not where I’d like it to be. The biggest thing holding it back, right now, is the fact that we are doing manual translations of the questions across 30+ different languages. I […]

How Did I Miss This?

Apparently, if you make a repo with a name that matches your username, you can add the contents of the associated Readme.md to your public GitHub profile. Basically, if you create this: roblarsen/roblarsen the contents of https://github.com/roblarsen/roblarsen/blob/main/README.md will be displayed at the top of https://github.com/roblarsen That’s pretty cool!