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Microsoft’s CSS Filters, Could The Syntax Be Any Uglier?

The answer is no While some of the functionality of MS’s CSS filters is actually pretty useful (sue me, I need to use them from time to time), the implementation is ugly as hell. Ryan, one of the smart guys … Continue reading

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What I Read This Week (jQuery’s live(), algorithms, IE8 + VPN, Chrome )

These are the posts that have kept me engaged during my quiet moments this week. Demystifying jQuery .live() and why it’s generally faster than .bind() A short article looking at jQuery’s .live(). List of Algorithms Just what it says it … Continue reading

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Want to Test Your Site Without a Mouse For Accessibility’s Sake? These Keyboard Shortcuts Will Help

Once thing that’s vital to testing the accessibility of a web app or site is running through it without using a mouse. If you can successfully work a site or app without touching the mouse, you’ve gone a long way … Continue reading

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Jscript Versions Reported By Major Versions of Internet Explorer (For Use With Conditional Compilation)

Conditional Compilation is a handy, Internet Explorer specific method for forking bits of JavaScript. The nice thing about it is that real browsers don’t notice it at all. It just looks like a comment block to any non-IE browser. Which … Continue reading

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Google Chrome Frame- I’ll Be Taking Advantage Of It

I did some testing today with Google Chrome Frame. I wanted to see if it would mesh with my normal methods for serving IE specific code and, as far as I can tell, it behaves exactly as desired. Here’s the … Continue reading

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getElementsByTagName Namespace Prefix Strangeness in Safari/Chrome/WebKit

Is It Me or the Browser? I had a Safari bug on a project I’m rushing to get out the door. We’re using a Flickr feed to populate a div with link+thumbnail to some flickr images. In Firefox/Internet Explorer I … Continue reading

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